Lighting Architecture Interior Scenes with HDRI Images (3DS Max + VRay Tutorial)

HDRI 3ds MAX Step by Step Tutorial Lightning

Image based HDRI lightning compared to alternative techniques

There are a variety of lighting techniques to use when creating an exterior light source for architectural interiors. Some artists like to use a standard direct light while others prefer a simulated sun and sky, such as the v-ray sun. While both of these methods are effective, I find that the lighting produced lacks the subtle imperfections and variations of reality. The most realistic lighting can be achieved by using image-based lighting. (more…)

3ds MAX and VRay Tutorial: Basic daylight interior visualization for beginners – Render like a photographer


This is Kanak and I want to explain you here exclusively on how you can easily set up a daylight interior scenery in 3ds MAX by using VRay rendering engine with a bit of Photoshop correction of the RAW rendering afterwards.

I would love to call my approach rendering through the eye of a photographer. I think this is the best way for you to learn how to render without knowing a thousand of parameter. I will go through following steps to explain my method: (more…)

Free Download: High Resolution and Seamlessly Tileable Strip-Parquet Floor Texture

Here it is: Our free strip parquet texture for free! The texture has a pretty good resolution of 4096 px x 4096 px and covers a real live surface of ca. 2.00m x 2.00m. Thus you can use it easily also for texturing larger floor areas in your 3d interior architectural visualization. Thanks to the large real live surface that is covered by the texture an unpleasant tiling effect will be avoided. The wood texture can be downloaded for free here: (more…)

Free Download of Interior 3d models for architectural visualization at DesignConnected

I just stumbled on a mentionable ressource of high quality 3d models for architectural interior visualizations. You can find at several really nice looking models like sofas, chairs, desks and so on. You can add them to your cart for the attractive price of 0 Euro.

It is also interesting because you mostly can choose between different CAD formats like Autodesk 3DS MAX, Sketchup, OBJ. You will find the 3d models here:

Tutorial – Leather Texture in Photoshop


Leather Texture Free Photoshop Tutorial

Especially for interior architectural visualizations you need high quality textures for furniture. A stylish designer couch will pimp every interior scene and can be found in nearly every rendering.

To give your rendering the final touch you need a high quality leather texture. This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic leather texture in Photoshop: (more…)

Friday’s Free Texture Download – Rattan Wicker Texture

From time to time you need some more unusual texture material to bring out something special in your rendering. Maybe for a architectural interior visualization or a furniture design study. Therefore we present you today a rattan wicker texture for free download.

I have to admit that the image size of 512 px x 512 px is not that high like our other textures, but the level of detail is totally sufficient for most applications. In addition the texture is seamlessly tileable.

You can download the texture here for free by right click on the image: