Photoshop Plug-in: Shadow Generator

After rendering your architectural visualisation the fine-tuning in Photoshop starts. An everyday work is to place some persons in the rendering to bring life to the scenerey. Naturally in every architectural visualisation the sun is shining – thats why you need to create shadows as well. For quickly create some shadows “lokas software” offers a free plug-in.


After completed installation you will find the tool via filters. There are various different settings to control the distance, perspective and blur of the shadow.

Sadly the preview is a bit too slow and as far as I know you can not zoom out of the preview image. Nevertheless it is a handy tool to quickly create some shadows in a small project.


The plu-in “3d Shadow” is freeware and can be found at “lokas software” for free download.


2 Comments on "Photoshop Plug-in: Shadow Generator"

  1. Chris Milani says:

    Hope this works.

  2. Matilda says:

    Thanks a lot for all tutorials!
    Very good jobs and help me in my work.
    Thanks again.

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