Friday’s Free Texture Download – Moss Covered Forrest Soil

Kostenlos Moos Textur Waldboden Download

Aaaaand again we have a special texture for you. Today you get a seamlessly tileable moss covered forrest ground texture. Either you simply want to render a forrest or (maybe more realistic) you need some dirt here and there in your super clean textures. Try to combine the dirty texture very transparent with other textures to bring more life in your renderings.

The texture is about 2048 px x 2048 px and seamlessly tileable!

Kostenlose Moos Textur Waldboden Download Detail

You can download the free forrest ground texture here:


Enjoy it!


P.S. This texture can be used for private AND commercial projects. But please note that you are not allowed to share or distribute the texture. If you like to share the texture  whith your friends please recommend or link to us. Thank you!


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