“Open ArchiVIZ Pack” – Free Download Graphic Collection for 3D Architectural Visualization


open ArchiVIZ pack V1.2.

We proudly present you the latest version of the open ArchiVIZ packnow also including top view plants!

The “open ArchiVIZ pack” is a small but high quality graphic collection of ~70 ArchiVIZ graphics that should help all architects to improve their visualization results. It should encurage you to test new things and simply be creative! With this free collection we especially want to support all the students out there.

Is it allowed to use the graphics also for commercial projects?

Yes! You are allowed to use the graphics for your commercial projects. But please note that it is not allowed to share the graphics with others. If you want to share the open ArchiVIZ pack with your friends, colleagues or fellow students, please recommend us!

How can I download the open ArchiVIZ pack?

Please enter your first name and a valid e-mail adress in the form on the right. After a confirmation you will receive the download link directly via e-mail. Afterwards we will keep you updated regarding new releases of this collection. Additionally you will get roughly every two weeks extra links with free downloads and other useful stuff. If you do not like it – just subscribe whenever you want- But think twice – you miss good stuff! 😉

What is inside the open ArchiVIZ pack?

  • High rersolution sky background images for exterior illustrations
  • Cutout people silhouettes
  • Ready to use cutout trees
  • Update in V1.1: Cutout Plants (section view)!
  • Black/white tree silhouettes for abstract illustrations
  • Cutout foreground tree brances for exterior illustrations
  • People silhouettes with motion blur
  • Hand drawn people
  • Crwod silhouettes for illustration squares or larger areas in front of e.g. public buildings
  • Seamlessly tileable textures
  • Update in V1.2.: Cutout top view trees, plants and flowers!

Curious? Check out the preview image below to get an idea.

How can I say: Thank You?

  • First and foremost: Recommend us to your friends! Pin the images, share this on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even link this page. Honest recommendations are specially apprechiated!
  • Like it? Like us on Facebook! Like
  • Or use the contact form: Who are you, what do you need and what would you like to do? We want to know more about you and enhance the quality of the “open ArchiVIZ pack”. Help us!





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    “Open ArchiVIZ Pack” – Free Download Graphic Collection for 3D Architectural Visualization

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    “Open ArchiVIZ Pack” – Free Download Graphic Collection for 3D Architectural Visualization”

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