Update “open ArchiVIZ pack”: Now with Top View Plants!


Update 1.2. for the “OpenArchiVIZpack” – our free download package for architecture visualization!

The “OpenArchiVIZpack” is pretty popular in the community! So we are happy to present you a new update with additional cutout entourage for architectural visualization. Until now we mainly focussed on cutout trees, plants and people in section view as well as textures and background images for your compositing.

Now with “Top View” Plants!

We have often been asked to create also top view cutout plants that can be used for floor plans and site plans. So we started and over time a complete product series was born: The Top View Collections, which will be launched soon with additional free downloads and special rerlease offers.

Baum von oben Download CD Kaufen Sammlung Architektur1-aufsicht-freigestellte-pflanzen-architektur-darstellung1-aufsicht-pflanzen-garten-landschafts-planer-design1-draufsicht-freigestellte-blumen-beete-grundriss-garten

The series includes the “TopViewTrees“, “TopViewPlantsV01“, “TopViewPlantsV02” as well as the “TopViewFlowers” collection. You can find already several free preview downloads on the product pages that you can also use for your private and commercial projects!

We have created a lot of material for the new collections so we also have enough graphics to boost the free “OpenArchiVIZpack” with some nice cutout top view plants as well!

The update includes among other graphics with following material:

  • Cutout trees
  • Cutout plants like bushes, hedges, shrubs etc.
  • Cutout flowers and flower beds
  • All perfectly cutout and with high image resolution
  • Perfect to enrich your next architectural or landscaping designs!
  • Including Modular Hedge Planner
  • Top view hedge graphic with typical modular geometries
  • Create unique hedges in seconds!
  • Already cutout
  • High resolution of 3,000 px x 2,250 px
  • Including Cutout Flower Beds
  • Six graphics of similar flower elements
  • Simple and quick creation of unique flower beds
  • No clone effect or obvious repetition!
  • High resolution of 3,000 px x 1,679 px

Free Download the ArchiVIZ pack now!

Enough said, grab your latest version 1.2 of the “OpenArchiVIZpack” now which already include the new “top view” graphics. All graphics can be used for private AND even commercail projects! So do not hesitate and create compelling designs already in your next project! HERE you can download the latetst version of our OpenArchiVIZpack!

You already downloaded an earlier version?
Then you can quickly get your update HERE and simply add it to your library.

Do you like it?


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