15 Free Tileable Bark Textures for 3D Tree Modelling

Download free bark texture for 3d trees

This time I would like to share with you a set of 15 bark textures that can be used for example for 3d tree modelling. Maybe you like to create the next trees for your architectural visualization on yor own! All textures are seamlessly tileable and saved in .JPG format.

All textures have also a bump texture included. (more…)

Free Tree CAD Drawing for Architecture (DWG+DXF Format)


Here we would like to share with you five architecture tree cad symbols. The trees are manually drawn as polylines and each tree is a block to ease the handling in your cad environment. (more…)

Foreground Cutout Tree Branches – Free Download


Here you have the chance to get the next graphic goodie – this time two cutout tree branches for your next architectural visualization: (more…)

Pencil Hand Sketched Trees Drawings – Set of 5 as Free Download


Do you like to often test something new with your architectural visualizations? That is why we want to present you here a set of 5 cutout hand sketched trees for free download.

From my point of view it is very important to never stop experimenting and increase your repertoire on and on. Over the years you will have the chance to develop your own special look. In addition it always helps to study the work of other creative minds as well. (more…)

Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a perfect Cutout Tree via Color Range


Cutout trees are necessary for nearly every outdoor architectural scenery. They bring live to your architectural visualization and support the viewer to get a feeling of the building proportion or scale. This tutorials will show you how to create a perfect cutout tree in Photoshop.


Friday’s Free Texture Download – Cut Out Green Tree

Today we have a high resolution manually cutout green tree for you for free and instant download.  This is a typical image for any architectural visualization.