How to Create a Quick Sectional Architecture Drawing in Sketchup and Photoshop


In this beginner tutorial we want to give you an insight how to create quickly a sectional drawing in Sketchup for your next and add some visual elements for e.g. a architecture presentation. We use a quite simple model here and go quickly through the steps to give you an idea about the general workflow. We also use and link to various of our free archi-viz graphics so do not miss to get through the steps and grow your own library of graphics for architecture visualization on the side πŸ™‚ Enjoy! (more…)

Photoshop Tutorial: Pimp 3D Architecture Rendering with Textures, Billboard Trees and People


Sometimes, we don’t have time to produce a realistic architectural Illustration and all its effects completely in the 3D environment, therefore I often use Adobe Photoshop in the post process to add some effects.

For this tutorial I want to start with a rendering I created in Lumion 3.0, but at the end it does not really matter which animation or rendering software you use, because I want to show you my step-by-step post processing approach of an architectural illustration in Photoshop. (more…)

Pimp 3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop

3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop [by vizoom]

3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop

As we all know Adobe Photoshop is a MUST when it comes to the post production of photorealistic 3d architectural renderings and illustrations. You can save tons of time by deciding carefully which effects you want to create in your 3D software and which you will add later by using Photoshop or any other image image editing tool like TheGimp. (more…)

Cutout Person and People Silhouette – Free Download (Photoshop)



Today we present you a set of cutout person and people silhouettes for free download. We specially created them for architectural visualizations to bring life to your 3d renderings. The people silhouettes are saved as .PNG files have a transparent background as alpha channel included so you can directly use them e.g. in Photoshop without any additional work. (more…)

Free Download: Photoshop displacement map for water surfaces


In theΒ Photoshop Tutorial: Create Water Reflection for Architectural Illustration you can follow in detail how to create a reflecting water surface in Photoshop quickly. For many people, this is surely a valid alternative to directly rendering the water surface, especially when it needs to be done fast and you’re not familiar with the render settings. The core of the process is creating a displacement map with which you can create the effect of a water surface on a mirrored part of the image. (more…)

How to cut out a water fountain – Photoshop Tutorial

How to cut out a water fountain in Adobe Photoshop

How to cut out a water fountain in Adobe Photoshop

To bring life to a rendered architectural scenery, you sometimes need a nice water fountain. For examle for hotel animations or urban public places.

A common approach is to render your complete scenery and add all decorating elements like cutout persons, plants and also a water fountaine in the post process in Photoshop. But therefore you first need already a masked cutout water fountain. In this tutorial I would like to show you an example how to cutout water quickly. (more…)

Photoshop Tutorial: Turning a scene from day to night


You mostly will first create a day scene from your architectural visualisations. But sometimes afterwards you need a night scene to set the focus on the impression in the evening or night. This often is imporant for buildings like a theatre, opera or even a stadium.

Therefore I will show you a quite easy method to tur a day scene to a night scene. (more…)

Tutorial – Leather Texture in Photoshop


Leather Texture Free Photoshop Tutorial

Especially for interior architectural visualizations you need high quality textures for furniture. A stylish designer couch will pimp every interior scene and can be found in nearly every rendering.

To give your rendering the final touch you need a high quality leather texture. This tutorial will show you how to create a realistic leather texture in Photoshop: (more…)

Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a tileable grass textures with the Pattern Filter


With the Photoshop pattern filter you can easily create seamlessly tileable textures and pattern based on a photo of your choice. I think the pattern filter is primary implemented to quickly create a lot of pattern for the internal pattern library. But we also can use the pattern filter to create high resolution textures for architectural visualizations. (more…)

Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a perfect Cutout Tree via Color Range


Cutout trees are necessary for nearly every outdoor architectural scenery. They bring live to your architectural visualization and support the viewer to get a feeling of the building proportion or scale. This tutorials will show you how to create a perfect cutout tree in Photoshop.