Sky Background Texture Image for your Architecture Rendering – Free Download


Background texture images for architecture outdoor sceneries are always welcome! The background image of your rendering has an obvious impact on the overall atmosphere of your scene. Maybe the illumination of your building is a big part of your design so you may want to present your building in the evening hours of the day. Or you want to present your building on a sunny spring day? In any case the sky background image is most important.

Here we want to present you a nice freebie of a sky background texture graphic from our professional „SkyBackground Collection“. Note that you are allowed to use this free graphic download for your private AND your commercial projects! And this sunny spring sky texture comes along with a quite impressing quality of more than 11.000 px width! So feel to try this one next time you may need a sky background like this:

At least simply add the graphic to your own textures to build a nice texture library over time. If you do so collect sky photos to grow your library, but also think about abstract sky images because not in any visualization photorealistic sky images are the best choice. Especially when you create the first sketches of your building design often times more abstract sky images look better in that phase.

If you like this freebie and maybe even are interested in more we recommend you to take a look at our „SkyBackground Collection“:


You wiil find 65 high quality sky background images like:

–          Sunrise

–          Abstract sky textures

–          Background panorama including the landscape like trees etc.

–          Wide sky background panorama


You can find a complete overview of the different sky images that are part of the collection in this PDF file:


I really hope you like this freebie and may use it for one of your next projects.


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  1. Arga says:

    nice one

  2. amirali zandieh says:

    i want

  3. edward cornista says:

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Shawn says:

    Thanks Tony! This is awesome.

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