Top View Flowers – Cutout Plan View Images (PNG) for Garden and Landscape Planners

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80 Cutout Floor Plan View Flower Images for site plans etc.

Create compelling architectural and landscape designs
Photorealistic Look – No Rendered Graphics!
BulletPoint Perfectly cutout – removed background
BulletPoint For direct drag & drop use in Photoshop etc.
BulletPoint Import via drag & drop, scale to size and you´re done!
BulletPoint Very high quality resolution (4,000px x 4,000px)
BulletPoint Try our free example download before you buy
BulletPoint Better illustration in less time!

BulletPoint Instant download after payment
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Top View Flowers – Cutout Garden Entourage for Architecture Visualization

80 photorealistic cutout plan view flower images for ground and site plan designs

This collection is part of our TopViewTrees series with cutout plan view plants and trees. These flowers collection includes 80 cutout top view graphics of very high quality flowers and flower beds of any kind. Endless creativity that brings life and aesthetic to your garden designs with the help of this ready-to-use PNG graphic library. The plant images are specially made for architects and landscape designers to create high quality and professional ground and site plan presentation with ease in lesser time.

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Extensive collection of different flower types

With 80 cutout flower images this extensive collections includes various kinds of flower types. Roses, Lavender or blooming groundcovers – with this collection you are well prepared to create garden and landscaping plans of higher quality in less time!

The quality of your graphic library is key when it comes to enriching architectural drawings with entourage objects like these top view plant elements. And you obviously do not want to use the exact same image over and over again – therefore this set comes along with with 80 plant images of various kinds.

  • Wide range of different flower types
  • Cutout top view roses, lavender etc.
  • Cutout flower beds
  • Blooming groundcovers
  • Check out the PDF Overview!


High Quality – Masked by Hand!

The images are based on real photos to ensure photorealistic quality. All images are masked by hand and have a pretty solid image resolution of av. 2,900 px x 2,200 px. Thus they can be used even for larger architecture presentation plots. The images are saved in .PNG format as it is compatible with nearly all common graphic and CAD tools. Simply use drag&drop e.g. in Photoshop, scale it and you´re done!

  • Perfectly cut out by hand
  • Simple drag&drop usage
  • High resolution of 2,900 px x 2,300 px
  • .PNG Format = High compatibility to common graphic and CAD tools
  • Just test our free sample download to get convinced about the quality!


Create Your Own Style With This Graphic Library

If you want you can even use this extensive graphic library for architects to create your own unique style or creative modifications! With a click of a button you can create different looks with simple Photoshop filters and by changing the color. Or use the cutout plant images as brushes in Photoshop… You will find various use cases once you started!

  • Quick and simple modifications to create your own look
  • Simple color adjustments
  • Simple Photoshop filter to create different sketch or paint looks
  • Combine plants to create flower beds etc.
  • Use graphics as cutout plant brushes in Photoshop
  • Endless creative possibilities


Extra: Single Flower Matrix Graphic – 100+ Single Flowers in One Graphic

  • Flower image matrix
  • Transparent background – perfectly cutout
  • Various flower images of one flower type
  • No “clone effect” due to multiple images per type
  • Easy to create flower beds
  • Great resource for every architect or garden planner
  • Check PDF Overview to see all included graphics


Modular Flower Bed Graphics

  • Modular flower elements included
  • Typical geometry
  • Create your own unique flower beds in a breath
  • High Quality
  • Perfect complementation to single flower graphics
  • Check PDF Overview to see all included graphics


Free Download Plan View Cutout Flower in PNG Format:

  • Free sample download
  • Manually cutout top view flower image
  • Transparent background
  • 2,500 px x 1,313 px
  • Test before you buy!
  • Check compatibility with your tools
  • Free download for private AND commercial use!
  • Download Free PNG Plan View Flower HERE


PDF Overview of Top View Flower Library

  • Check the complete product content before buy
  • 80 cutout flowers
  • Cutout roses, blooming groundcovers etc.
  • Sets of similar flowers
  • PDF Product Overview HERE


License Agreement:

The graphics can be used for private and commercial projects without any additional licensing fees. However, distributing or reselling these graphics is not allowed. Therefore please note our license agreement.

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