Ground Collection – Texture CD

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111 Tileable Ground Textures for Architecture Visualizations

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BulletPoint Several urban and natural ground textures
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BulletPoint Optimum compatibility due to JPG Format in high quality
BulletPoint High resolution of average 2048 px x 2048 px
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BulletPoint Less than 60ct for each texture!

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Ground Collection – Texture CD

111 Tileable Ground Textures

For architectural visualizations especially the quality of the used textures matters because they strongly determine the look of your rendering. Often less is more, so you mostly simply need just a few textures, but these need to be of high quality.

We created special packages of textures for architects that saves you time and gives you the possibility to spend the time on other things than the time consumint texture creation process.

Product details:

  • a high resolution of average 2048 px x 2048 px
  • hand-made textures based on special photographic material
  • photo-realistic look
  • seamlessly tileable textures
  • optimum compatibility due to JPG Format in high quality
  • usage in all common 2D and 3D software tools

For direct use in all standard 3D software tools (3D Studio MAX, Cinema 4D, Blender, Rhino etc.) for generating photo-realistic renderings. Based on the high resolution ov average ~ 2048 px x 2048 px the graphics can be universally used e.g. also for desktop publishing (DTP) or other multi-media projects.

The graphics can be used for private and commercially projects without any additional license fee. But obviously it is not allowed to distribute or sell these graphics. Therefore please note our license agreement.

To get a complete overview of the textures included, just see this  PDF-Overview.

Customer Voices:

“…I am enthusiastic about your texturest”
an.b.ue – CAD Dienstleistungen Germany

“I am very happy with the texture CDs – they are suitable for the architecture industry”
Ralf Kirschner, Obertshausen Germany

“Thank you for the quick handling and the worthwhile texture CD – it helps in many ways and is easy to use: super!”
Dr. Horst O. Müller, Ratzeburg Germany

Test before you buy: Example for Free Download:

See yourself! Get convinced about the quality of out textures before you buy. Or test the compatibility and handling in the software of your choice. Therefore you can download a free example for free:

  • High resolution (2048 Pixel x 2048 Pixel)
  • Seamlessly tileable
  • photo-realistic look
  • Ready to use


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License Agreement?

The graphics can be used for private and commercial projects without any additional royalties. Obviously it is not allowed to publish, market, sell or distribute the purchased files. For all the details please see our licensing agreement.

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If you have any, really any question please simply drop us a line at our contact form!

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