SketchUp Plugins for Architecture Modeling and Visualization – Part II

Sketchup Plugins for Architects

SketchUp is a really great tool for architects and quite popular! Therefore we want to present you here some plugins that are helpful especially for architecture modeling and rendering with SketchUp to speed up your workflow and enhance your visualization quality at the same time! (more…)

How To Use FaceMe Tree Components in Sketchup


As we learned using 3d vegetations in Sketchup could bring great results, but slow down the rendering process and overall workflow quite a bit. Often times we need a good result in a reasonable time frame. Here the Sketchup faceme components are ideal to use for trees. The genereal idea is to use a cutout tree image that is mapped on a plane which can be placed in your scenery like a billboard. Why “faceme component”? Because you can define that this plane should always face the camera! This is great because now you do not have to make sure that all the trees you use are aligned to the active camera!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use 2d vegetation images as faceme components in sketchup – a must for everybody who is interested in architecture visualization in Sketchup. (more…)

Architecture Visualization Post Production in Photoshop

Post Processing Architecture Visualization

Have you ever looked at a rendering and wondered just how the author creating such an interesting complex space and wished you could do something similar?

I recently found a nice video by Andrei Oprinca on how to make architectural renderings more interesting, complex and realistic. It’s full of great tips that I would like to elaborate on while adding a few of my own. The secret to this type of rendering in Photoshop is to add and keep adding elements to your image until the space looks real. Finding the appropriate stock images can be difficult and it can be time consuming to cut them all out, a great tool to speed up your renderings is to already have a variety of stock images to choose from. (more…)

Best Sketchup Plugins for Architects – Part I


Sketchup can be a very versatile tool for our architectural visualizations, but somehow it lacks of some features that can be used for a quicker modelling time, mostly because the software itself is all-use oriented instead of an architectural one.

If we want to work in a more precise way, or if we want to achieve faster modelling times, then we have to install plugins into Sketchup.

Below I will list some of the most important plugins I use and show you briefly how to work with some of them. Please consider that this cannot be and should not be a complete objective list – this is simply stuff I use and want to share with you: (more…)

15 Free Tileable Bark Textures for 3D Tree Modelling

Download free bark texture for 3d trees

This time I would like to share with you a set of 15 bark textures that can be used for example for 3d tree modelling. Maybe you like to create the next trees for your architectural visualization on yor own! All textures are seamlessly tileable and saved in .JPG format.

All textures have also a bump texture included. (more…)

How To Create a 3D Building Model in SketchUp

How to create a building in SketchUp

This should be a quick beginners-introduction of Sketchup for architects. I want to show you quickly how to make a 3D CAD model of a building using probably the easiest-to-learn software in the field of building architecture: SketchUp. This software can be downloaded for free from

For now you are not supposed to have much previous experience in this software, all you need to do is go through this step-by-step guide and follow the instructions and of course a little practice afterwards. You will not need to read tons of boring theories preliminarily, instead you will study while drawing a real house. (more…)

Architecture Rendering – Quick Realistic Grass in Sketchup (Tutorial)

Tutorial Architecture Rendering: Simple 3D Model + Photoshop

Architecture Tutorial Photoshop

I am very happy to present you this time a tutorial on architecture visualization by Armir Shapallo and Dimitrios Kalemis from the  “PHORMIN – Architektur und Digitale Kunst” , based in Munich, Germany.

They describe their work for a competition which was actually published several times! Interesting is the fact that they worked with a quite simple 3D Model and put in more effort in the post production with Photoshop which gave them a lot of flexbility as they describe.


Why I use Sketchup for Architectural Renderings

Sketchup for Architecture Visualization

This time Pia was kind enough to share her experiences with Sketchup when it comes to architecture visualisation. Sketchup has become quite popular in our industry and Pia shares some interesting insights and useful tips for cg architects. Enjoy!

As a CG artist, I work with plenty of software during a normal day, but for now I am going to focus on Sketchup.

You may say: “Why Sketchup?” “Why not 3ds Max?” Let’s be honest. For my work, almost 90% of the time I use 3ds Max for making visualizations because of the industry standards, not a lack of features of Sketchup. (more…)

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