Friday’s Free Texture Download – Sky Panorama Background


This friday we have a special free sunny sky panorama background image for you. The panorama based on several single photographs and therefore the final image is comming with a really high resolution of 5600 px x 2500 px – consequently you can use it for various projects with different demands. In addition it is already tagged with some meta tags for a smooth integration in your image database.

You can use this sky background image to directly use it in your 3d environment as an background image or simply use Photoshop to merge your rendering with the sunny background image.

Download the free panorama background texture here:

Free-Texture-Sky Panorama

Enjoy it

P.S. The textures can be used for private AND commercial projects. But please note that you are not allowed to share or distribute the textures. If you like to share the textures whith your friends please link to us. Thank you!

If you like these kind of sky panorama images you have to take a look at our “SkyBackgrounds Collection” which comes up with 65 extrem high resolution (up to 12.000 px) background images for architectural visualizations. We specially designed it for architects to enhance the quality of their illustrations whithin seconds. You can download there also two free example textures of this special collection:




One Comment on "Friday’s Free Texture Download – Sky Panorama Background"

  1. yury says:

    i will use it for educational project

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