Free Arabic People Cutouts for your next Middle East Architecture Visualization


OK – we have one more here 😉

As you all know Middle-East can be called a hot spot of architecture without a doubt. Consequently there are a lot of architecture competitions and building projects in this region. If you also worked on a project you might know the situation when you want to add people to your nice rendering during post production in Photoshop and then recognize that you only have european or western style cutouts?! Ouch!To avoid this situation we would recommend you to grab this free download with arab cutouts here to grow your archiviz library of architectural entourage. This time it is a set of hand drawn arab cutouts to bring life to your next arabic style architectural rendering!

The image dimension is 5000px x 2900px – so pretty ok for nearly all architecture related projects. You can use the images for your private AND commercial projects. If you like it – please share it!

You can download this special archiviz freebie here:




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