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The plane tree (Platanus × hispanica) is often used for architectural visualizations. It has a special look thanks to its knaggy and rough character which is especially interesting for architecture illustrations. Without the foilage the it will additionally not block the view to the architecture itself.

This free download of a plane tree comes up with a special high resolution of  6000 px x 3000 px!

It is a .PNG file with transparent background and thus can be easily used e.g. in Photoshop via drag&drop in your architecture illustration. The high resolution is based on two single photographes for this tree which are merged together in the post production in Photoshop. Afterwards the tree is masked manually to get the best result.


You may use this file for your private AND your commercial projects. But please note that it is not allowed to distribute the file in any way. If you want to recommend the plane tree with somebody please share the link of this website.

You can download the plane tree here:

Did you like the plane tree? It is part of our “Boulevard Tree V01” collection. It provides you with several trees with the same look. Especially if you want show more trees of the same kind in your rendering (e.g. in front of a theater or museum) you can avoid the cloning effect if you use this collection, which contains amongst others six different cutout plane trees of the same look for a reasonable price.

So do not hesitate to take a look:


Please find further collections for architects with cutout trees and high quality textures at our shop.



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