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Cutout trees are used in many architecture illustrations. Often times they based on tree photos, taken on a sunny summer day, which are masked afterwards with the help of Photoshop etc. But for architectural visualization it is also very interesting to use tree silhouettes that show trees without foliage.

You can download three of these architecture tree silhouettes for free here:

These abstract looking trees will give your scenery a very special look. The trees are not that dominant in your illustration, but your architecture still is! You can also test out if it helps to even increase the transparency of the layer with the trees to reduce them even more. Or another idea is to invert them from black to white to get an overall more bright look in your scenery – just be inspired and test different things.

The tree images come along with a pretty good image quality, so you can use them for various purposes. The trees are in addition already cutout (.PNG file with alpha channel) and thus can be used directly in Photoshop via drag&drop to bring life to your architecture scenery. Maybe you even have to scale the size or transform somehow, but that´s it!

We hope you like this download and it will help you to create better results within a shorter period of time. If you are interested in even more cutout tree silhouettes you need to check out our TreeSilhouettes Collection with 55 ready to use cutout trees:

Cutout Architecture Tree Download PNG

At least check it out to grab one additional free tree there as well!


We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section if you like it! Thanks!


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