Tutorial: Using 2D Cutout Objects in 3D ARCHICAD Scene


In this quick tutorial I will show you how to use cutout graphics or entourage like trees, persons etc. in ARCHICAD. These ready-to-use graphics without background often times are used in the post processing phase for architecture visualization. Here we want to use them in the 3D environment directly. (more…)

Tutorial: Lightning Interior Scene with 3DS MAX and Corona Renderer


Corona Rendering Engine for 3DS MAX

Corona renderer is a photorealistic ray tracer, used by computer graphic artists for the final frame production rendering mainly for architectural and product visualizations. Corona has a free version, and also a commercial release. The last couple of years they attracted thousands of users, and a lot of attention in the architectural visualization industry. So that is the reason why we want to take a closer look and spot some light on the capabilities and the workflow when it comes to rendering architecture visualizations with 3DS MAX and the Corona render engine. (more…)

How To Create a 3D Building Model in SketchUp

How to create a building in SketchUp

This should be a quick beginners-introduction of Sketchup for architects. I want to show you quickly how to make a 3D CAD model of a building using probably the easiest-to-learn software in the field of building architecture: SketchUp. This software can be downloaded for free from sketchup.com.

For now you are not supposed to have much previous experience in this software, all you need to do is go through this step-by-step guide and follow the instructions and of course a little practice afterwards. You will not need to read tons of boring theories preliminarily, instead you will study while drawing a real house. (more…)

Architecture Cutouts of People for Photoshop as Free Download

As we all know cutouts of people can bring life to architecture renderings. By adding some human silhouettes to the illustration you can help the viewer to get a feeling for scale and measurements in your architectural illustration.