SketchUp Plugins for Architecture Modeling and Visualization – Part II

Sketchup Plugins for Architects

SketchUp is a really great tool for architects and quite popular! Therefore we want to present you here some plugins that are helpful especially for architecture modeling and rendering with SketchUp to speed up your workflow and enhance your visualization quality at the same time! (more…)

Best Sketchup Plugins for Architects – Part I


Sketchup can be a very versatile tool for our architectural visualizations, but somehow it lacks of some features that can be used for a quicker modelling time, mostly because the software itself is all-use oriented instead of an architectural one.

If we want to work in a more precise way, or if we want to achieve faster modelling times, then we have to install plugins into Sketchup.

Below I will list some of the most important plugins I use and show you briefly how to work with some of them. Please consider that this cannot be and should not be a complete objective list – this is simply stuff I use and want to share with you: (more…)

Free Photoshop Carpet Texture Generator

A carpet texture is not used that often in modern architectural visualization, but if you think of office interior design a plain carpet may come into play.

By the help of this free Photoshop Carpet Texture Maker you can easily creat various of carpet types on the fly. The .psd file should give you a start for your own types of variation.

Free-Photoshop-Carpet-Texture-Generator_00 (more…)

Photoshop Plug-in: Shadow Generator

After rendering your architectural visualisation the fine-tuning in Photoshop starts. An everyday work is to place some persons in the rendering to bring life to the scenerey. Naturally in every architectural visualisation the sun is shining – thats why you need to create shadows as well. For quickly create some shadows “lokas software” offers a free plug-in.



Autodesk Homestyler – internet based planning software

Autodesk offers whith the fresh new “Homestyler” an interesting internet based planner tool for architects and hobby planner.

Especially for newbies without experience in CAD it is a good chance to easily create some drawings. Nevertheless this tool will not replace a classic CAD tool, but it is worth a look.