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Best online architecture competition directories

Architectural competitions have been a longstanding tradition in the design profession. They allow architects to gain publicity and recognition for their work while simultaneously infusing new and innovative ideas into the field. They promote cutting-edge ideas and allow professionals to take chances that they may not be able to with traditional client based projects.

There are several different kinds of projects the most common being open competitions where all are allowed to submit their designs in a public bid. In comparison there are also invite only competitions where the prospective client will ask for bids from specific firms they are interested in working with. Open competitions, of course, are more difficult to win, as sometimes there are hundreds of entries. (more…)

Architecture Visualization Post Production in Photoshop

Post Processing Architecture Visualization

Have you ever looked at a rendering and wondered just how the author creating such an interesting complex space and wished you could do something similar?

I recently found a nice video by Andrei Oprinca on how to make architectural renderings more interesting, complex and realistic. It’s full of great tips that I would like to elaborate on while adding a few of my own. The secret to this type of rendering in Photoshop is to add and keep adding elements to your image until the space looks real. Finding the appropriate stock images can be difficult and it can be time consuming to cut them all out, a great tool to speed up your renderings is to already have a variety of stock images to choose from. (more…)

7 Books That Showcase Architectural Illustration

In this article Peter shares some interesting book recommendations when it comes to architectural illustration. Enjoy the article:

As architects, designers, drafters and bloggers, it is important that we constantly bombard ourselves with a wide variety of old and new visual communication techniques in order to stay on the frontier of design visualization. A strong concept or idea is nothing without the means to explain it to the lowest common denominator (as oftentimes your clients will be). (more…)

Pimp 3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop

3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop [by vizoom]

3D Architectural Renderings with Photoshop

As we all know Adobe Photoshop is a MUST when it comes to the post production of photorealistic 3d architectural renderings and illustrations. You can save tons of time by deciding carefully which effects you want to create in your 3D software and which you will add later by using Photoshop or any other image image editing tool like TheGimp. (more…)

Cutout Person and People Silhouette – Free Download (Photoshop)



Today we present you a set of cutout person and people silhouettes for free download. We specially created them for architectural visualizations to bring life to your 3d renderings. The people silhouettes are saved as .PNG files have a transparent background as alpha channel included so you can directly use them e.g. in Photoshop without any additional work. (more…)