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This week we celebrate the product launch of our four new collections: TopView Trees, TopView Plants 01, TopView Plants 02 sowie der TopView Flowers.

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Why I use Sketchup for Architectural Renderings

Sketchup for Architecture Visualization

This time Pia was kind enough to share her experiences with Sketchup when it comes to architecture visualisation. Sketchup has become quite popular in our industry and Pia shares some interesting insights and useful tips for cg architects. Enjoy!

As a CG artist, I work with plenty of software during a normal day, but for now I am going to focus on Sketchup.

You may say: “Why Sketchup?” “Why not 3ds Max?” Let’s be honest. For my work, almost 90% of the time I use 3ds Max for making visualizations because of the industry standards, not a lack of features of Sketchup. (more…)

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Publish your Project on

Did you work on a architecture visualization project which might be interesting for our readership? Good news: We are constantly looking for projects that can be published on!

For us it is important to show all the different approaches to architecture visualization – so it is not key to present the “perfect project” but rather to present simply “your project”, as it is always intersting to see different workflows.

We are looking for smaller project as well, like university projects, conceptual studies or a simple step-by-step guide of your workflow when it comes to a specific problem. It does not matter as well if it is for beginners or advanced user.

As long as it has to do with architecture visualization in general it would be interesting to be published! When you are unsure – just take a look at our published tutorials and projects here and you will get the idea…

We look forward to really any idea you have…