Photoshop Tutorial: How to add rain effect to architectural rendering

Architecture Tutorial Photoshop Add Rain to Rendering

How to create a rainy mood in Photoshop?

Architectural visualization should awake emotions so it is quite imporant to create the right atmosphere in your rendering! Typically most renderings shows sunny spring weather with light blue sky and perfect green trees. But sometimes you want to stand out or show your architectural design in another mood. In these cases a rainy situation can be an option too! Therefore we want to show you in this tutorial for architects how you can create a rainy mood in Photoshop based on a regular daytime rendering.

Creating a rainy mood for your scene can be tricky, and it takes a lot of time and experience to achieve good results (i.e. in 3dsmax-vray). Therefore we want to show you an easier way to convert your regular daylight scenes to rainy moods with the help of Photoshop in the post production. (more…)

Free Overlay Textures for Rain + Fog Effects in Photoshop


You often times want to create the right mood in your architectural rendering to not only transport technical concepts, but rather emotions and a feeling! Therefore post production in Photoshop for your architectural illustrations plays a big role to add effects. For this task overlay textures with raindrops, snowflakes or fog are really helpful to quickly add these effects. (more…)

Free Arabic People Cutouts for your next Middle East Architecture Visualization


OK – we have one more here 😉

As you all know Middle-East can be called a hot spot of architecture without a doubt. Consequently there are a lot of architecture competitions and building projects in this region. If you also worked on a project you might know the situation when you want to add people to your nice rendering during post production in Photoshop and then recognize that you only have european or western style cutouts?! Ouch! (more…)

Free Set of People Cutouts – PNG and PSD


I know – you never have enough cutouts of people! An extensive library of archiviz images is key when it comes to create quick and also compelling results for your next architectural presentation. Therefore we put together a small set of cutout people that you can use for your next architectural visualization job. (more…)

How to use 2D Cutout Trees and People (png) in 3D Blender Architecture Model


Blender is a popular tool for architects and 3D visualizers as well. It is free to use and has powerful features to create compelling animations, visual effects, and (interesting for us 🙂 architectural visualization! Blender is truely the first place to go when you are looking for the most powerful tool which is free to use. (more…)

Top View Vegetation PNG Graphic for Architectural Design


OK you maybe have already recognized that we worked on some cutout top view vegetation graphics for architectural designs to pimp your floor plan or site plans. This time we created a set of plan view plant graphics with different looks in different kind of shapes and geometries. We started with a more realistic look at thet top and tried to move over to more abstract versions of the same plant set. As each type comes along in different geometries you can easily combine the elements of each type (in one line) to create your own unique arrangement. (more…)

Update “open ArchiVIZ pack”: Now with Top View Plants!


Update 1.2. for the “OpenArchiVIZpack” – our free download package for architecture visualization!

The “OpenArchiVIZpack” is pretty popular in the community! So we are happy to present you a new update with additional cutout entourage for architectural visualization. Until now we mainly focussed on cutout trees, plants and people in section view as well as textures and background images for your compositing. (more…)

Tutorial: How to Make and Render Super Realistic 3d Grass with 3DS MAX

In this tutorial we will show the procedure of making a grassy field in order to enhance realism in our exterior architectural visualizations. Therefore we will first model and texture the 3d grass blades and afterwards use a “Scatter Plugin” to randomly distribute the single blades of a large surface. With this technique you can create super realistic grass and lawn for your next exterior architectural rendering project.

Usually most private residences are surrounded by yards with short cut lawn so we should be able to render this kind of “foreground” on our own for your next architectural visualization job. In addition we share our grass blade textures with you, so grab this free download! But now let´s get started! (more…)

Tutorial: Using 2D Cutout Objects in 3D ARCHICAD Scene


In this quick tutorial I will show you how to use cutout graphics or entourage like trees, persons etc. in ARCHICAD. These ready-to-use graphics without background often times are used in the post processing phase for architecture visualization. Here we want to use them in the 3D environment directly. (more…)

Tutorial: Lightning Interior Scene with 3DS MAX and Corona Renderer


Corona Rendering Engine for 3DS MAX

Corona renderer is a photorealistic ray tracer, used by computer graphic artists for the final frame production rendering mainly for architectural and product visualizations. Corona has a free version, and also a commercial release. The last couple of years they attracted thousands of users, and a lot of attention in the architectural visualization industry. So that is the reason why we want to take a closer look and spot some light on the capabilities and the workflow when it comes to rendering architecture visualizations with 3DS MAX and the Corona render engine. (more…)