Architecture Cutouts of People for Photoshop as Free Download

As we all know cutouts of people can bring life to architecture renderings. By adding some human silhouettes to the illustration you can help the viewer to get a feeling for scale and measurements in your architectural illustration.


Different kinds cutouts of people

There are different kinds of styles for the cutout persons. You can either use real photos of people or you can use the silhouettes to have a more abstract characteristic. In my eyes often times the abstract look is better especially for architectural presentations. I often saw presentations with cutouts of real people and from my point of view it takes the attention from your main point of interest: the architecture itself. A mixture of real peope cutouts and person silhouettes is to use motion blur cutouts. Here you take the real photo image with a motion blur filter (e.g. in Adobe Photoshop or TheGimp or another image editing tool) to blur the image. Then it looks like the person is moving – which is a cool effect when presenting architectural designs.

Adding people already in 3D or in Photoshop?

All these methods will be used in the post process of your architectural rendering, but you can also implement cutouts of people in your 3d software tool. But then you do not have the real control about the look of the people compared to the implementation in Photoshop after the rendering process. On the other hand: If you have to render a bunch of images or even create an animated video (e.g. walkthrough of your architectural design) it may be the better decision to think about adding the persons in 3D.

Free Download Package of “Architecture People Collection”

With all this in mind we created the “Architecture People Collection” – a set of various abstract graphics of people (e.g. cutout business people silhouettes or walking and sitting people and so on) which created especially for architectural visualizations. Nevertheless there are plenty of other fields of application like flyer- or poster design or other creative design tasks. To give you a feeling about the quality of the graphics we have a special free download for you. So you also have the chance to test the compatibility of the graphics with your software tool. And the best: You can use the images of this special free download for your private and your commercial projects!

Get your free Download of Cutouts of People here!

So do not hesitate to download your free package of cutout people silhouettes here:
If this pack is useful for you please also check our huge collection “Architecture Poeple Collection” with various of stuff relating to architectural visualization here:




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  1. toni says:

    very nice job

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